Tuesday, November 1, 2011

When and How To Wear A Bina Shrug?

Bina shrug wraps are the piece of clothing that can be used as a cover up and also adds extra functionality to your outfits. You should have a Bina shrug in your wardrobe, it adds style as comfort as a form of a jacket, but doesn’t have the bulkiness of a normal jacket. The issue is that many women do not seem to know how to wear a Bina shrug in a fashionable sense, but we I have provided some tips that may help.

  • Match and Mix
When choosing a shrug, remember that they look great with most outfits, so choose your base outfit based on the weather, but try and stay away from puffy sleeves, or over the top necklines.  The Bina shrug, doe not wrap well with those types of dresses.

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