Tuesday, November 1, 2011

10 Seductive Ways to Wear a scarf

The seductive new scarf this season is the Bina scarf and I have listed 10 new sexy ways to wear the Bina as a scarf.  Bina Scarves are great because they are super hot and can be worn all year, and in almost every sort of occasion.
1st off I will discuss how to wear the Bina scarf, around the middle portion of your body in a sexy fashion.
  1. Body Wrapped – Take the Bina, and fold it into a triangle, and than tie it loosely around your waist.  You will want the triangle to lie on side, back or front, and if you add a little fringe to it, it gets a little more erotic feeling.
  2. Body Rolled – You can grab the Bina scarf from both ends, and than twist it, than you will want to take the scarf and wrap it around the little part of your mid section, now cross the ends of the scarf and tie them off to secure.
  3. Tied Too – Add a sexy flair by tying the Bina scarf to your belt loop, either toward your back or front side, or draping along your purse.

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